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Walk seaside

Sprawling around the coastline of the Pagasetic Gulf, Volos has a long coastline to walk along. The marina spans from the ferry harbor to the University of Thessaly, and the shore continues even further, giving place to activities such as fishing, rowing and swimming. The marina is a car-free place, which means a lot of pedestrians walk there day and night and it is home to a lot of events such as concerts. Walk, run or enjoy the scenery or watch the sunset as fishing and sailing boats come and go.


Discover the tsipouradiko tradition

If this city is renowned for something, its tsipouro. Tsipouradika are restaurants that serve tsipouro (a distilled spirit similar to raki) combined with mezes, which are delicious dishes ranging which include fresh fish and shrimps to salads and dips. Open at every time of the day you will see tsipouradika everywhere, as it is a tradition for the locals to go at least once a week. Most of the people will go to sea-side tsipouradika, though those in the know will adventure to the small streets.


Drink a cocktail at Volonaki

Named after the neighborhood of Kolonaki in Athens and the most trending place in the center of Volos, Volonaki is formed by two pedestrian roads (Kontaratou and Koumoundourou) which intersect and form the core of Volos’ nightlife – Athens style. Here, modern bars have the finest mixologists and cocktails in Volos. If you want fuzz, action and bar-hopping you only have to choose between them.